Esentai City – продажа квартир от застройщика в Алматы
1 м2 – 650 000 тг
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Esentai City is located above Al-Farabi Avenue, opposite the Esentai Mall, next to the ski jumping complex.

Excellent transport accessibility – several entrances – departures. Picturesque surroundings – excellent views of the foothills and the city at any time of the year ..

The location of the area and the wind rose cause a favorable ecological situation.

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    Esentai City is not a residential complex in the conventional sense. We are building a real city for people, where the main emphasis is on the environment: solar energy, green zones, bicycles and jogging tracks, refueling for electric vehicles.

    Here spreads out a new space for a safe and comfortable life.

    Esentai City is not just another mini-town. This is a territory of coziness, couture architecture and democratic prices: from purchasing a[artment to utility payments.


    Esentai City parking lots are equipped with roof solar panels for territory lighting. There is a modern system of household waste disposal from the Finnish company Molok Oy. Additionally, Esentai City is equipped with electric petrol stations and an electric bus on the territory of the town.

    Along the perimeter, there is a promenade for walks, morning jogs or cycling. For sports enthusiasts there will be three types of sports grounds.

    A well-considered architectural environment: sculptural compositions, installations, landscape design. Park zones – for family walks in the fresh air, picnics and rest.


    In all aspects of infrastructure development, we take into account all needs of small residents – safety, convenience, comfort, so that the childhood in Esentai City will be really happy.

    Kindergarten with hourly kids care services on weekends or evenings.

    Children’s playgrounds on the territory are safe, comfortable, and beautiful. In addition, children’s cafe, toys shops, children’s clothing and accessories.


    Pedestrian street with cafes, restaurants, bars, shops – in the best traditions of cozy streets of old Europe.

    Hotel for 100 rooms and a magnificent SPA center with an outdoor pool.

    Services for everyday needs in walking distance,: dry cleaning, pharmacies, bank branches and ATMs, grocery and convenience stores, stationery, hairdresser, beauty salons.


    Seismic resistance – 9 points. Sturdy construction of objects and a small number of storeys will provide high security for residents of Esentai City. There is a private terrace on the roof for the owners of apartments to admire the landscapes or to start a flower garden with rare plants. Ceiling height – 3.25 meters. Panoramic windows with German fittings give a lot of light, heat and sound insulation. Final finishing and ready circumspect planning. Autonomous heating and hot water supply systems are convenient and economical.


    Infrastructure facilities for lease – everything will remain under the control of the Parmigiano Group and partners to ensure the unchanged quality of services and products. The city will host the school of culinary arts and service Parmigiano Group.

    The 24-hour concierge service will help to solve everyday tasks of tenants – from the delivery of products to the services of the gardener or the cleaning of the premises.

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Looking into the future

While your children are growing up do you think about their future? Apartment in Esentai City is a great opportunity for investment.

The management company Parmigiano Group can take all the hassle with the design, repair and renting an apartment.

The profit investment ratio will be up to 10% per year, not counting the growth in the value of real estate.

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+7 777 830 55 77 | +7 777 830 51 51 |,
Ospanova str., 24 (next to the Parmigiano restaurant)
Умный дом, умная машина, умный выбор – прекрасный комплект предложений, столь свойственный AV-Architects
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Аристократичный. Изысканый. Мощный, такой же, как ваша новая квартира, выиграйте его при покупке квартиры в Esentai City*
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Мы уже много рассказывали о нашем проекте Esentai River Townhouse, о том, что это формат жизни в престижных районах Лондона, об архитектуре и...
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Esentai City приобретает всё более явственные очертания. По домам первой очереди, завершенной на 65%, можно представить масштаб всего города.
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Казалось, совсем недавно Роландас Ключинскас – главный архитектор проекта Esentai City – позировал в качестве экскаваторщика в день старта строительных работ.
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Уже в октябре завершится строительство первой очереди зданий в Esentai City. Наши строители неустанно трудятся: возводят стены, роют котлованы.
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  • Розыгрыш автомобиля Jaguar F-Pace среди покупателей ESENTAI CITY, c 1 октября по 15 декабря 2017 года
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