Almaty Vilnius Architects Parmigiano Group
Esentai City Villas IV– новый потрясающий проект, роскошные виллы на обособленной территории в Esentai City.
Город для жизни
Happy is the one who is happy at home, and the Esentai City, created with love and knowledge of the business, is the place where happiness is born.
Home where you want to live
Esentai City and Esentai River Townhouse is a place worthy to carry the proud title of "My Home", because there is everything to live, love and be happy.
Шопинг для души
Shopping-time can come in the morning, at lunch, and even during the evening walk, because now to the boutiques and shops are within reach.
Comfort for the soul
Own turnkey apartments will allow you to comfortably receive guests or enjoy the international level of service right at home.
Place with taste
A quarter of 14 restaurants with a high level of service from the Parmigiano Group will provide an unforgettable taste and atmosphere of daily vacations.
When work is fun
Working through the house is no longer a dream. 57 buildings of office space, class "A", open up new opportunities for a comfortable and fruitful business.