School Haileybury
One of the best educational institutions in the country with an English education system and an international certificate of secondary education is located just across the road from Esentai City, just five minutes away.
Kindergarten Haileybury
An outstanding center with a first-class preschool and a caring educational environment for the little ones. All this is also in the five-minute walking distance from the residential complex Esentai City.
Park for children
The huge park area includes play areas for children, where they will be enthusiastic and fully protected. All rides, obstacles and zones are made by world industry leaders, European companies with years of experience in the production of playgrounds and spaces.
Park for extreme sports
A lot of young people today are keen on extreme sports. In order for them to be comfortable, fun and safe, and their risk was conscious and harmless to others, we developed a whole park with ramps, slides, paths, railings and other obstacles. Everything is high strength, everything is safe, everything is calculated by world famous engineers and extremals.
Jogging and cycling tracks
For lovers of cardiovascular on the territory of the complex are running and cycling paths.
Open pool
There are no crowds here. Only acquaintances, only neighbors. Because this is your pool. Pool in your house.
Sports fields
Playgrounds and playgrounds are equipped with everything you need and are covered with a safe rubberized coating. They are located at a respectful distance from the living area so that the noise does not interfere with the rest, and the rest do not interfere with the noisy ones. Nevertheless, the sites are located directly on the territory of Esentai City within walking distance.
Tennis courts
Lovers of this noble sport are given special attention here - courts made by international standards are installed directly in the town and are fenced so that nothing distracts from the game.
Private cinema
A small and cozy cinema where you can go with your family, quietly send children or invite the company for almost home viewing.
Golf simulator
Golf simulator helps to master the club and improve skills at any time, in the snow, rain or unbearable heat.
Fitness studio
Gym with various sections, exercise equipment and fitness programs. 125 m² of valuable space that works for the health of residents.
SPA bath complex
For rest and relaxation, a full-fledged SPA-complex was built here, offering a wide range of services and procedures.
A whole street of restaurants at your service. Here are collected 14 restaurant concepts from the Parmigiano Group with the best service and always perfect quality.
Bars and wine bars
For a fun evening with friends it is not necessary to go to a big city. Esentai City Bar, Beer Pub and Vinoteka at your service.
Coffee houses
Cheer up, sit comfortably with a laptop or book, slowly sipping coffee, you can in the cozy coffee shops on the territory of Esentai City.
In walking distance there are shops and boutiques that can satisfy any request and interest.
Hookah / Cigar
Clubs of fragrant smoke from cigars and hookahs - sometimes it helps to relax, sometimes to agree, and sometimes just to set up thoughts in the right way.
Parmigiano Serviced Apartments
Turnkey apartments, with ready repair from AV-Architects designers, furnished and serviced by the Parmigiano Group. Here you can live yourself enjoying life and service of the highest level, and you can rent these apartments and be sure that your guests will receive services worthy of the best hotels in the world.
The first conceptual hotel in Kazakhstan consists of 80 rooms of 30 m² each, a fashionable restaurant, banquet hall, SPA and swimming pools.
The shopping street separates the residential sector of Esentai City from office buildings. In 57 office buildings, absolutely everything is provided for the organization of A-class business spaces. Here, the dream of working across the street from home becomes a reality.
Puzzles Parking
Covered ground and automatic parking allow you to park for half a minute and not worry about anything. One push of a button and the car will be parked safely and effortlessly. Exactly the same reverse procedure for obtaining a car. Robots and mechanisms are always accurate and accurate.