Esentai City is located in the most dynamically developing and prestigious part of Almaty, above Al-Farabi Avenue, between Remizovka and the Mountain Giant, opposite Esentai Mall and the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Today, advanced architectural solutions are concentrated here, harmoniously combined with the foothill landscape, beautiful views and fresh air. The area is developed with the preservation and enhancement of the ecological background and the most convenient access roads are immediately thought out, taking into account the long-term prospects for the development of transport communications in Almaty.
1 р.Есентай
2 Школа Haileybury Almaty
3 Esentai Mall
4 Кинотеатр Kinopark 11 IMAX Esentai
5 Hotel Ritz-Carlton
6 Международный комплекс лыжных трамплинов «Сункар»
7 Офисы
8 Очередь №1 Жилой район Всего квартир 304 Дата окончания стройки весна - 2018г
9 Очередь №2 Жилой район Всего квартир 727 Дата окончания стройки весна - 2019г
10 Очередь №3
11 Очередь №4
12 Таунхаусы
13 Шопинг виладж
14 Конгрес холл
15 Ecentai City Hotel
Haileybury Almaty Going to a new stage of their journey: to be recognized as one of the best international schools in the region and beyond.
R. Esentai The left arm of the Malaya Almatinka River, the Esentai River, is one of the three largest rivers in Almaty, flows alongside the Esentai City, which gives the city residents another advantage that most Almaty residents do not have - living on the riverbank
Esentai Mall. Shopping center with premium stores, restaurants, IMAX cinema and entertainment for children and adults
Cinema Kinopark 11 IMAX Esentai one of the best cinema in Kazakhstan. Located on the fourth floor of Esentai Mall.
Hotel Ritz-Carlton The hotel, whose name speaks for itself. Here and the international level of service, and cultural heritage in combination with modern and luxurious design, and, of course, a convenient location in the heart of business Almaty.
International complex of ski jumps "Sunkar" In addition to its scale and manufacturability, the complex of ski jumps attracts visitors to itself thanks to an incredible view of our beautiful city. The best observation deck in the city